Athletic de Bilbao: Branding example

Athletic de Bilbao: Branding example

The Guardian has released a very interesting article about the team soccer of my city: Athletic Club de Bilbao. A special team whose philosophy of development it’s defined by his players, only from the Basque Country. Simon James, the writer, reflect how this strategy it’s became in the being of the brand all over the world. And how this “culture” is an example, not only of branding, but also of risk, innovation and succeed. Indeed the Athletic Club de Bilbao was placed fourth in the last best soccer league in the world, Spanish league.


The 3 languages of content

En: Spanish is the 3th most used language on Internet. This information comes from the Social, Digital & Mobile Around The World (January 2014) study from We Are Social Singapore. It confirms the rising of Spanish users and, therefore, how using Spanish in business is becoming mandatory to increase and develop our International and online strategy. Leer másThe 3 languages of content[…]

Two Interpretive Dances: Worker vs. Boss

Una chica se despide de su empleo y de su jefe bailando a las 4:30 a.m.  Kanye West trabajaba en una empresa de edición de vídeos de internet. Harta de que su jefe prefiriese la cantidad de visitas sobre la calidad de los mismos, de meter horas y horas y de sacrificar su «relación de pareja, tiempo y Leer másTwo Interpretive Dances: Worker vs. Boss[…]